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Frederick Douglas Harper

Scholarly writer, creative writer, spiritual teacher, educational poet, therapeutic poet, lifestyle consultant

Frederick Harper

Dr. Frederick D. Harper has authored a major novel, a satire (book), 22 books of poetry, an autobiographical book of life stories, textbooks, book chapters, journal articles, proposals, government reports, evaluation reports, research reports, and editorials among other written works.

Notebook and Pen

Quote of the Day

“A worthy writer creates knowledge as light, and others must play their parts in making that light shine in corners and spaces of darkness.”

Frederick D. Harper

Books Published, A Partial Listing

God Had My Back

God Had My Back has a series of accounts about how God guided and protected the author for the purpose of doing God’s will. The book praises and gives gratitude to God and His spirit guides and guardian angels that guided author Harper and protected him along his earthly journey. God Had My Back contains both poetry and prose. Poem titles include “God Had My Back,” “I Know God Because,” “God, My GPS,” “Message to My Sons,” “Help Me to Help Myself: A Prayer,” “Every Day Is My Birthday,” and “Thank You God on Sunday.” At the end of the book is a section of inspirational and insightful quotes from the author. (Published 2023.)


Romantica: On Peace and Romance

Romantica: On Peace and Romance includes poems and prose on themes of romance, love, peace, happiness, hope, and spiritual living. (Originally published, 1988; republished 2022.)


Jogotherapy: Jogging as a Therapeutic Strategy

Jogotherapy: Jogging as a Therapeutic Strategy Jogotherapy is the first systematic approach to apply the popular exercise of jogging as a therapeutic strategy. Jogotherapy theorizes that jogging distance, speed, setting, and time of day can be programmed for the purpose of maximizing specific behavioral outcomes for both the prevention and the treatment of illnesses and human problems. In addition, there are strategies for the improvement of workers in various occupations. (Originally published, 1979; republished 2022.)


Surviving Cancer

Surviving Cancer reflects the author’s recent experiences as a cancer survivor and how cancer changed his worldview as an aging elder. Dr. Harper’s poetry and prose address his cancer treatment experience and his even greater disposition of humility from and appreciation of blessings during his lifetime—a life of serving and creating for the good of others. Featured poems and prose in this book include “Cancer: A Sweet-and-Sour Experience,” “A Tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg” (who died from cancer), “Announcement of My Cancer to Friends and Family on Facebook,” “God Had My Back,” “A Hospital Visitor,” “Life with Healthcare,” “Trail of Tears: Forced Removal of Native Americans,” “A Child’s Nightly Prayer,” and “We Are All God’s Children.” The author’s purpose in all of his creative writings over the years has been to educate, therapize, enlighten, and inspire his readers


Black Elder Speaks

Black Elder Speaks is a collection of Dr. Frederick Douglas Harper’s previously published and unpublished poetry and prose on the topics of race, race relations, Black consciousness, Black pride, racial identity, and racism. In addition, Harper speaks from years of acquired wisdom in providing advice and insight on topics of holistic health and rightful living. The book is divided into seven major sections that include (a) Race, Racism, and Racial Struggle, (b) Honoring Black Women, (c) Honoring Black Men, (d) Honoring and Rearing Black Children, (e) Black Culture, Health, and Spirituality, (f) Black Consciousness and Black Pride, and (g) Black Elders Speaks on Life and from Wisdom (for example, on themes of love, peace, giving, forgiveness, purpose, freedom, truth, courage, pain vs. pleasure, and spirituality). The book concludes with a number of wise quotes and thoughts.


The Stories

The Stories is a book about the “stories in my life,” rather than the story of my life. This book includes stories of the author as a youth growing up in the South under Jim Crow’s racial segregation, stories about his roles as a pioneer and leader of civil rights, and stories about spiritual events and spiritual encounters. There are also stories from his times as a school and college student, public school teacher, university professor for 42 years, professional counselor, professional consultant, parent, child, and friend. There is a total of 54 amazing stories that have spiritual implications or reflect intriguing social and psychological dynamics.


Toward a Theory of Everything

Toward a Theory of Everything is a book of creative prose and poetry. The first section of the book is a discussion of thoughts toward a theory of everything, which posit two existences: the spirit existence and the physical existence. Featured poem titles include “A Birthday Prayer,” “A Prayer for the Suicide Prone,” “Ode to Oprah,” “A Prayer for Pope Francis,” “Black Lives Matter Because . . .,” “Fake Friends,” “Ode to Strong Black Woman,” “Misty Copeland,” “Beware of Destructive People,” and “Shades of Motherhood.” The last section of the book, in prose, presents inspirational and insightful quotes.


Ijamama Speaks: Wisdom of a Black Sistah from the Urban Hood

Ijamama Speaks: Wisdom of A Black Sistah from the Urban Hood is a satire about a Black woman, Ijamama, in her mid-40s from the Hood (Black inner city), who has a late-night TV program. She was discovered after police arrest for walking bare-chested along a street in downtown Baltimore in the heat of summer when the temperature was more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Feminist magazine, Hot Heifer, learns about Ijamama’s arrest, and it interviews her for Hot Heifer magazine. Ijamama says it was simply too hot. She saw men downtown doing construction work with no shirts or tops, so she felt that she had the same right. Hot Heifer magazine is so impressed with Ijamama’s interview and its readership’s positive responses, that its parent company hires her to be a co-host on its Hot Heifer Late Night Show for TV. Ijamama’s Hood language and straightforward, tell-it-like-it-is attitude leads to conflict with the Show’s host, Vonginetta Pensettia. 


However, due to Ijamama’s popularity with TV viewers, she is given her own TV show, targeted nationally to urban Hoods (neighborhoods), female millennials, and college students. On Ijamama’s TV shows, she interviews a variety of interesting personalities that include Funkomaster, Pumpdaddy, Professor Fartenstein, ProfDaddy, Smart-ass White Boy, Little Red Rapper from da Hood, Celibate Dude, Honeybaby, Miss Universe, Lead Belly, Cheap Hussy (Ms. Hussleton), Baddass White Girl (who’s really biracial), Benevolent Angel, and the Psychic Anti-Claus. The book as a satire is hilariously funny, but, even more; it teaches and presents messages about doing the right things in life, transcending one’s problems and challenges, uplifting women and youth, and accepting cultural and human differences.

And Jesus Spoke on YouTube

And Jesus Spoke on YouTube is a book of poetry and creative prose. It continues author Harper’s warnings and benevolent messages on themes of social justice, peace, love, spirituality, human nature, relationships, natural beauty, holistic health, climate change, and the threat of premature human extinction. Featured titles within the book include “And Jesus Spoke on YouTube,” “Mandela,” “Stop the Killing,” “Black Man in a Red Shirt,” and “Educating Our Children.” “And Jesus Spoke on YouTube,” the longest poem at 12 pages, speaks to the true mission of Jesus as a teacher and healer, and it reminds us to live a life based upon Jesus’s teachings of love, giving, forgiveness, tolerance, and sacrifice for good cause.


The Durabone Prophecies

The Durabone Prophecies is a novel about human nature and human destiny. It is a multiplot story of romance, relationships, family, human emotions, and pleasure vs. purpose. Also, it is a mystery novel with psychic predictions for the future of Earth and the human race. Four riveting romance stories are intertwined and involve major characters who unexpectedly find love. The major plot and all subplots are related in some way to the main character and counseling psychologist, Dr. Franklin Durabone, who, after a near-death experience, commits to his destined purpose to write The Durabone Prophecies. This prophetic book by Dr. Durabone is based on the psychic revelations of his mother, “Mama Durabone,” who sees alternative destinies for Earth and its human race through her prophetic visions and dreams. The story takes the reader to Paris (France), Washington, DC, Chicago, Virginia, and Florida. For the reader of The Durabone Prophecies, author Frederick Douglas Harper evokes intense emotional feelings, loud laughter, sensual arousal, nostalgic memories, intellectual debate, philosophical questions, and spiritual exploration.


The Durabone Prophecies is a self-help novel, because psychological principles and messages are embedded in the story. Also, characters are subliminal teachers and role models of human imperfection and vulnerability as well as human possibility and hope.

I Am I

Through poetry and prose, I AM I challenges the reader to discover the light of God’s talent from within and to share that talent with others. The author writes about his own found light of purpose to “create and serve for good cause.” The author writes from messages that come to him from his soul within and from a spirit existence that he believes to be God, including God’s spirit guides and his hereditary ancestors.


Prayers, Meditations, and Revelations

Prayers, Meditations, and Revelations The book Prayers, Meditations, and Revelations includes poetry and prose for spiritual insight, spiritual uplift, solace, and personal inspiration. Examples of prayers include “A Daily Prayer,” “A Morning Prayer,” “A Nightly Prayer,” “A Supper’s Prayer,” “A Prayer for the Family Sick,” and “A Prayer for the Suicide Prone.” Titles under the section “Meditations” include “And God Spoke on TV” and “Jesus Spoke on YouTube.” Themes under the section on “Revelations” include the author’s personal theory of spirituality, prophecies from his novel, and his experience as a cancer survivor. (Published 2022.)

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